Pacific - Groups

Unigems Impex Ltd

Unigems Impex Ltd is involved in metal trading in all types of scrap materials such as Copper, Brass, Lead, Stainless Steel, Zinc and Iron.

We concentrate in Copper Scrap such as Shiny Mill Berry, Mill Berry, Berry, Berry Candy, Birch, Birch Cliff, Bus Bar and Aluminium Ingots like ADC12, LM24, LM25, LM6 and Aluminium scrap like Talon, wire scrap, 6063 Mill Finish Extrusion, Taint Tabor, UBC and Tense.

Pacific Metal Powders Co., Ltd

Pacific Metal Powders Co was created specifically for the group to diversify and expand into non-ferrous metal powder production. Technology is European based but in-house R & D forms a continuous and integral part of the Company's strategy for future.

Pacificcomm trade co ltd

Pacificcomm Trade is wholly and backed by Pacific Group of Companies. We trade in all types of primary metals, alloys and metal scraps with principal operations throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East. We have been trendsetters in all metal scrap in this business sector.

The company actively trades in the following

Aluminium Scraps like Tense, Taint, Tabor, Telic, UBC, Taldon, Talon, Taldork, Thril, Extrusion, Tabloid, Nomad, Remelted Aluminium Ingots and all ISRI Aluminium Scraps

Brass Scraps like Honey, Ocean and Lace

Copper Scraps like Shiney, Millberry, Birch, BirchCliff, Barley, Candy, Remelted Copper Ingots, Billets and Sheets and all ISRI Copper Scraps.

Aluminium Ingots like ADC12, LM24, LM25, LM6, A380, AC4B, AC2B