About Us

Pacific Metal Powders Co Ltd is a manufacturer of Gold Bronze Powder using European Technology but supplying from a manufacturing base in Thailand.


We produce a full range of Gold Bronze Powders and Copper Flakes for Decorative, Industrial and Catalytic usages; we also supply some Aluminium Flake grades. Our production processes are flexible and automated to allow us to adapt to changing customer requirements in the different sectors of application.

The powders and pastes obtained by this process can be used in sectors of application ranging from decorative products such as plastics, paints, printing inks and surface coatings to applications such as catalysts, electronics and aerated concrete.

A British engineer with over 35 years of experience in the metal powder industry is the Technical Advisor to the project.

Safety and Environment

A high technological, modern machine process, combined with the know-how of our experienced staff enables products to be made consistently with optimal quality and with environmental awareness in mind. Pacific Metal Powders aims for customer satisfaction and Technical Service support.

Quality Control

All products, raw materials, semi-finished and finished products go through a pre-defined range of quality tests, some of which are determined by the final application of the various products.


We are an Asian based manufacturer producing metal powders with European technology. So we are obviously moving in to Asia market first and intend to expand from there.

Continuous Improvement

Pacific Metal Powders Co Ltd. has focused on specific areas for many years and works closely with potential users in order to develop specific products or adjust to the market requirements.

The developments achieved over the last few years can be summarized as follows:

Important new developments and extensive expansion are currently under way and we take this opportunity to thank all customers and our staff who are continuously providing their assistance and feedback through the different stages (concept, evaluation, verification …) of our projects.