Pacific Group of Companies

Pacific Group is a multinational group of companies with numerous business interests in non-ferrous and ferrous metal and products.

Our Main production bases for this group are concentrated in Thailand and India.

Pacific Group is a well known trusted business leader and respected Metal trading conglomerate in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Products and services

Pacific Metal Powders Co currently concentrates upon non-ferrous Granular (atomise) powders and Flake Metal Powders.

Granular Metal Powders are mainly of Copper, Brass, Aluminium and Zinc and predominantly go to the Friction Lining (Brake) industries. Flake Metal Powders are mainly Bronze Powder (copper and brass flake) but Aluminium, Zinc, Tin and Silver are also produced.

A wide range of grades are made to suit the numerous applications.The Company also produces metal powders for Exothermic Welding techniques.

The Company has a policy of development and production flexibility to enable it to work closely with customers to specifically adjust materials to the customers' special needs. Customer liaison and technical service are considered of the utmost importance in developing a long term business relationship with users.